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Illumagic Lenses Wide/Narrow

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Key Features

Narrow lenses for increased PAR or hanging X4 and Pixels higher above your aquarium

Ultra Wide lenses offer maximum spread for aquarists who need to keep their lighting device close to the surface of the water

What’s in the box:

1 x Lens (either narrow or ultra-wide)

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Care Instructions

Keep your device clean and salt free, the lenses do not need any maintenance.

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These lenses offer unparalleled versatility and control for your Illumagic lighting system. The Narrow lens focuses light into a concentrated beam, perfect for spotlighting specific areas of your display or accentuating focal points with pinpoint accuracy. On the other hand, the Wide lens spreads light evenly across a larger area, ideal for illuminating broader sections of your space with a soft, diffused glow.

Versatility is key! 


Narrow lens allows you to hang your X4 and Pixels above your aquarium in excess of 36"and even higher. It also offers 30% more PAR. 

Ultra-wide lens allows you to mount your lights very close to the surface of your aquarium which almost doubles the spread of your X4 and Pixel. 

Narrow Lens Include

  • 1 x Narrow lens

Ultra-wide Lens Include

  • 1 x Ultra-wide lens