About Us


To provide aquarium retailers with the highest quality aquarium products for their customers with maximum earning potential, easily available stock and the highest quality customer service offering FAQ and support.

An easy to understand product range for both freshwater and marine aquarists

A complete price list with bonuses for early payment and consistent good paying customers

A hassle free two year warranty period on all of our products

Free promotional material ranging from colour coded product labels to A2 sized colourful posters attracting customers

The highest level of customer support by answering any questions and offering the best advice for your customers

Full SAA, C Tick and Australian safety testing on all products in our range.



To provide all who purchase DALUA AUSTRALIA products the best filtration and lighting systems for their aquarium by making sure that all of our products make their tanks look fantastic and most importantly flourish.

A system to suit your particular aquarium set up whether it be a fully stocked coral reef system or a heavily planted tropical tank

An affordable alternative

A hassle free two year warranty period on all of our products

A safe product that will give you years of enjoyment



Have a question about fishtanks, aquariums or Dalua products? We actively participate on a number of forums and Facebook pages and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.


Our Dalua Australia Facebook page shows amazing images from our customers and an easy way to contact us for any enquiries you may have. It also keeps you up to date of our international travels and reefing shows we attend globally.





You can also find us on the Dalua Australia Products and Support Group on Facebook. This group is an international collection of customers, importers, distributers and hobbyists to ask questions and get immediate answers for any of our own products or products we partner with.

Dalua Australia Products and Support Group