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Ekoral Wifi Dosing Pump

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Key Features

Two Speed Rates
- 20-40 ml/min

Cloud access connects and controls everywhere

Container reservoir empty warnings

Safety auto shut off mode if motor fails


Dimensions - 12.95" x 7.87" x 5.51"

Tube diameter - Inner 2mm x outer 4mm

Power Consumption - 12V 1A

Power Cable Length - 4ft

What’s in the box:

1x EKoral Dosing Unit (black body)

1x 24V Power Supply

8x Plastic Tube Adapters

20 foot of dosing tube 

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Care Instructions

We stand by our 1-year warranty for any motor, wifi or power supply issue.

Ensure your dosing lines aren’t blocked or submerged. Do not submerge your dosing line and flushing with RO water monthly is good practice.

Calibrate the unit every time you replace the dosing solutions. Check the peristaltic pump heads for signs of wear or cracking on the soft tube.

Do not pull or stretch the tubing as this can create micro tears and air leaks or bubbles.

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Most User Friendly App Around

The EKoral 4-channel wifi doser is by far one of the easiest units to connect and begin dosing due to EKoral's flawless app design.  With built in wifi you now have 24/7 cloud control and monitoring of your aquarium's main elements and dosing regimens. Now with added direct access for those hard-to-reach Wi-Fi signals. The EKoral 4-channel wifi doser (as the name suggests) comes with 4 dosing heads but the user can easily add more units seamlessly into the app for endless amounts of trace element dosing for even the craziest of reefers!

Simple. Smart. Safe.

Connect, prime, calibrate and control! Dose as little as 0.1ml and as many doses as 72 times per day! The EKoral wifi dosing unit gives you freedom and absolute control of your daily scheduling. With ultra-smart features such as automatic delays in built into the software to perfectly time dosing of any two chemicals at the same time (such as calcium and alkalinity) you know your aquarium is safe with EKoral!

4 channel wifi controllable dosing pump

Global access and control