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Pax Bellum

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Key Features

Broadest spectrum for all species of macroalgae

360° complete even flow around the LED tube

Removes nitrates and phosphates naturally

Works with the Triton method

Great breeding ground for clean-up crew

All internal pillars are made from 100% organic material


N18 - 6.5" x 16.37"

N24 - 9.5" x 22.62"

C30 - 11.5" x 30"

C36 -13" x 36"

Power Consumption - 42 watts

Power Cable Length - 4ft

What’s in the box:

1 x Pax Bellum

1 x Tools to open (C30 and C36 only)

1 x Instructions

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Care Instructions

Be sure to not scratch the internal lighting sleeve. Do not use metal or rough brushes.

Keep the top of the unit free from salt creep. Open and harvest the macro algae once full to keep the thumb screws from locking.

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Why and how?

The concept of using macroalgae as a method of nutrient export is not new. However, the introduction of the ARID (Algae Remediation Illuminated Device) the original, patented macroalgae reactor by Pax Bellum is a quantum leap forward. This ingenious device utilizes macroalgae (specifically Cheatomorpha) to function as a tunable nutrient export mechanism. The unique design of the ARID incorporates a coaxial LED light tube to maximize light penetration and efficiency.




  • The platforms and pillars inside the reactor are made from plastics which also serve as a known plant hormone further fueling growth
  • The heat sink is truly state of the art, vacuum sealed and containing a small amount of working vaporizing fluid so you can literally run the PAX dry and never risk burning your LED's
  • The LED's are precisely measured for the perfect spectrum for the growth of chaetomorpha algae
  • The unit is wrapped in a lightproof casing for zero light spill and maximum power directed into the unit for extreme efficiency
  • The water inlet is positioned directly in the middle of the heatsink for a perfect 360-degree water flow around every cm of growing algae

Suggested Flow Rates:
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