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Dalua Tees Sky Blue

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Discount code competition info below. Shirt sizing is quite a loose fit. A medium shirt fits an athletic-built male loosely. Approx 165lb 5'9" and so on for each size.

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Care Instructions

Normal cotton material. Colors may run after first 3 washes so wash on their own and with cold water. Shirts may shrink if machine dried.

During March and April, each tee purchased includes a random discount for use on DALUA.COM.

Here's how it works:

  1. Buy your t-shirt.
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  3. Find your random discount code in the envelope with your shirt.
    • 5 Golden Ticket shirts offer a 30% discount.
    • Every shirt sold gets a discount.

Are you attending Reefapalooza Orlando? Visit our DALUA booth on Saturday or Sunday to get one of 30 free shirts (while supplies last). Among these, 5 Golden Tickets offer up to a 30% discount! Remember to wear the shirt throughout the day at RAP Orlando.