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Coral Essentials ICP Micro Elements

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Key Features

When you're looking for an exact replication of natural seawater in your home aquarium you can't go past consistent ICP testing paired with these microelements.

Dosing requirements:Shake well before use. 1 drop / 100L of tank water only after ICP results have arrived.

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Care Instructions

These elements should only ever be used in conjunction with a reputable ICP analysis company. Always read the label carefully and never expose your corals to more than 2ml per 100L of aquarium water in an established tank.

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Convenience Of One Bottle

Using a single bottle simplifies the dosing process. Consistency ensures that the tank receives a uniform dosage of essential elements. Simplicity in maintenance, managing one bottle simplifies the overall maintenance of the tank. It's easier to keep track of inventory, expiration dates, and reorder when necessary.

All these microelements should only be strictly used in conjunction with a reputable ICP analysis company. We try to match every element found in natural seawater and as close to levels present in their natural environments. Only with consistent ICP analysis can you feel confident your corals are receiving absolutely every micro element that they would in the wild. 


Coral essentials how to dose