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Coral Essentials CVE+

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Key Features

Massive amounts of B vitamins

Vitamins and fatty acids for effective feed response

Hook up to dosing pump easily

Extremely concentrated


500ml (17fl. oz.)


2.75L (93fl. oz.)

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Care Instructions

- Soft Coral / LPS System - 2ml per 100L of tank volume per day
- Mixed Reef System - 4ml per 100L of tank volume per day
- SPS Dominant System - 10ml per 100L of tank volume per day

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1 Bottle Additive

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Convenience Of One Bottle

Using a single bottle simplifies the dosing process. Consistency ensures that the tank receives a uniform dosage of essential nutrients and additives. Simplicity in Maintenance, managing one bottle simplifies the overall maintenance of the tank. It's easier to keep track of inventory, expiration dates, and reorder when necessary.

A Cheat Code For Coral Color

Smother your corals in absolutely everything they need for that unfair color and growth advantage. CVE stands for Chroma, Vibrance and Energy and each does the following:

CHROMA - Color, color, color. Aids in the catabolism of sugars, amino acids, and as well as supporting metabolic processes.
VIBRANCE - An all-round active boost. Aids in rapid cell division, and growth. It improves protein and amino acid synthesis.
ENERGY - Nothing enhances a feeding response like Energy. It allows all corals to better uptake all of the above.

Crazy SPS Color For Less Than $0.54c Per Day

Tailored for tanks up to 100 litres or 25 gallons, whether lightly, moderately, or heavily stocked – Coral Essentials is your perfect match. At less than $0.54 cents a day, experience premium care that won't break the bank. How do we do it? By crafting ultra-concentrated products for insane savings.

Elevate your tank's health without compromising your budget. Cost-effectiveness meets concentrated excellence.


Coral essentials how to dose