Great White Wave Maker

Great White Wave Makers in all sizes

Great White Wave Makers in all sizes


The Great White Wave Maker

The next instalment in the DALUA Ecosystem has finally arrived in the USA. The perfect product to compliment both the Great White Skimmer DC and Great White Return Pump. This tiny puck-sized wave maker packs some serious punch, whisper silent with multiple modes and flow styles and speeds. 

Silent - Tiny - Controllable

20 Flow Settings -Control your pump speed with absolute precision 

5 Mode Settings - Gyre, constant, wave, pulse and feed modes

Detachable Controller - Waterproof union connection and adhesives for clean and organised cabinet installation

Integrated Memory - Keeps programming even during power outages.

Feed Mode - Shuts down for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Super Quiet Operation - Literally whisper quiet at less than 25 decibels

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