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Great White Skimmer

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Key Features

2 control mechanisms


Ozone Safe

Inbuilt neck silencer

AC workhorse pump, great for commercial use

Super Quiet Operation - less than 50 decibels


Dimensions - Table below

Power Consumption - DC 24V

40 watts

What’s in the box:

1 x Great White Skimmer

1 x Collection cup

1 x DALUA AC pump

2 x Air and waste tubes

1 x Venturi

1 x Instructions

1 x Bubble plate

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Care Instructions

We stand by our 1 year warranty for any controller, pump block or power supply issue.

Check the impellers for snails or debris. Check seals, O-rings and connections for corrosion and damage. Use aquarium safe silicon grease to put it back together for best results.

Be very careful when removing the skimmer collection cup. Be sure to twist all the way and lift only when in the unlocked position. Lifting the cup prior to unlocking will break the locking teeth at the base of the cup.

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The Original Work Horse Skimmer

These skimmers are manufactured using heavy-duty acrylic to ensure longevity, and all come equipped with the Italian-made Eden pumps (AC version) which are absolutely bulletproof. If that wasn't enough they, are also plastic injection moulded which does literally mean unbreakable - OZONE SAFE

Quiet And Long Lasting, Ozone Safe

Super quiet with fewer decibels than any comparable brands. The DALUA AC pumps are industry-known for their long-lasting, never-die workability. Backed by the first-class customer service and post-sales assistance offered at DALUA. Your tank will never feel cleaner and your fish and coral never happier.

Click to download best use guide below: