Coral Essentials Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium 500ml (17fl.oz.)

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Key Features

Equal part dosing




Contents should run out at equal time

Hook up to dosing pump easily

Extremely concentrated


Traces separated in different bottles based on consumption:

Iron, manganese copper zinc nickel chromium cobalt, barium strontium, potassium, boron, bromide, strontium

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Care Instructions

- Soft Coral / LPS System - 3ml per 100L of tank volume per day - Mixed Reef System - 6ml per 100L of tank volume per day - SPS Dominant System - 12ml per 100L of tank volume per day

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Equal Part Dosing

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Total Reef Care In Just 3 Bottles

Three bottles, one purpose: your coral's health. Perfectly measured for simultaneous consumption, these bottles hold the essential micro and trace elements your reef craves.

Simplify your routine and watch your reef thrive (and your bank account grow). It's that easy.

Equal Part Micro Elements

What's inside the 1+2+3 Coral Essentials range? A complete blend of 31 minor and trace elements meticulously tailored to mirror those found in the skeletal and soft tissue structure of corals.

Each element within these supplements serves a biological purpose, intricately linked to the production of specific color pigments – from pinks and reds to greens/yellows and purples/blues – It’s these 31 elements plus the stability of being equal part dosed daily that bring out the best coral colors.

SPS For Less Than $0.80c Per Day

Tailored for tanks up to 100 litres or 25 gallons, whether lightly, moderately, or heavily stocked – Coral Essentials is your perfect match. At less than $0.40 cents a day, experience premium care that won't break the bank. How do we do it? By crafting ultra-concentrated products for insane savings.

Elevate your tank's health without compromising your budget. Cost-effectiveness meets concentrated excellence.


Coral essentials how to dose