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Dalua Australia started in 2010 solely as a distribution company for aquarium products. After years of testing, researching and selling other companies brands and helping them improve their products, we decided to begin manufacturing our own aquarium products and we continue to test them daily in our facility in Townsville QLD on the great barrier reef. We now export globally our filtration products and LED lighting which we design, research and construct ourselves.We still continue to distribute and partner with only the best and most premium brands of aquarium products internationally and all products we do distribute have been personally tested for months and have qualified through our extremely high standards.

Yes of course. Internationally we have service centres, distribution hubs and of course we can be contacted online 24/7 for extremely reliable advice and service. Currently we have 3 countries which offer same day support and spare parts:

Australia: Dalua Australia ph: 0406-111-223

USA: Dalua Australia International ph: 818-570-0848

CANADA: Xenia Inc ph: 514-721-7445

All DALUA products come with a standard two year warranty.

If you’re interested in using our products or selling our products in a market that does not yet have Dalua Australia Products please contact us directly at or contact us direct on +61-403-554-588

Before any unit of ours is mass produced or sold on a global scale, months and months of testing (for some items, years) have already been conducted. We test multiple factors such as strength of the products if dropped or misused to PAR readings and spectrums for lighting into air intake and sound of protein skimmers. Another handy feature of all our products is that all spare parts are fully replaceable and modular.