Ekoral Lite Monitor

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Key Features

Control all equipment on 4 strip wifi board

Cloud access connects and controls everywhere

Ph and temperature warnings

Monthly and daily charts to notice trends


Dimensions Controller - 7.5" x 7.5" x 1.5"

Power Consumption - 12V 1A

Power Cable Length - 4ft

What’s in the box:

1x EKoral Lite Controller

1x 24V Power Supply

1 x 4 Input wifi power strip

1 x Ph and temperature probes

2 x Ph calibration fluid

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Care Instructions

Check the probes are clean and calibrated, and ensure bubbles aren’t trapped in the end of the probes. Never submerge the probes completely as only the bottom of them are water proof.

Wipe the salt creep off the top of all equipment and probes with a clean damp cloth every month.

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Cloud wifi control

Over 100,000 happy aquariums

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Wireless Control and Monitoring

EKoral Lite - Built-in WiFi, the most user-friendly app and connection process on the market. With a temperature probe, pH probe and 4-channel wireless Power Bar. Keep your aquarium safe, secure and always in the palm of your hands!

Connects to your Ekoral Dosing Pump

Connect and control your aquarium from anywhere in the world 24-Hour Real-time Monitoring Continuously measures water quality such as Ph, temperature, (salinity and ORP very soon) Alerts and notifications - Set your safety ranges and your device will tell you when out of range - View important information such as Ph, temperature and level sensors - Accurate and in real-time IF > Then rules without coding - Set IF>THEN rules for turning on and off key equipment in your aquarium - One button easy set up for any rules you can think of

Monitors temperature and ph

Everything included plug and play